Too Big to Fail – Sorkin

 Honestly, a great description of what happened on Wall Street in 2008. Sorkin walks us through each and every personality’s life, way of working and way of thinking. I liked the character Richard Fuld more than anyone else.

It was so sad to see how Dick went from King of Wall Street to common man on main street. The book shows the world how much we have to put in to reach the top of Wall Street and how much time it takes to bring us back to main street.

The overwhelming part was tensions and the sleepless nights these heads of Wall Street firms had to go through and the 24 hour uncertainity of what’s going to happen very next second with all the millions of possibilities hanging around, head pounding with worries and the fear of going down under water very much responsible for dragging one more and more closer to it.

I liked the way negotiations went around with Lehman getting many opportunities to save itself but how greed prevented Lehman guys for going further with them.

A big book, nearly 600 pages, and almost a record in using the work F@@K, which appears almost on every other page!


About Danish Kapur

Danish Kapur is a writer, commentator and actively follows the global financial markets.

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