What is in this blog?

My focus in this blog is on world financial markets, risk management, and human nature.

Some of my favorite quotes on markets are by Jesse Livermore:

“A stock operator has to fight a lot of expensive enemies within himself”… Jesse Lauriston Livermore

“Speculation is a hard and trying business and a speculator must be on the job all the time or he will soon have no job to be on.” … Jesse Lauriston Livermore

“All a man needs to make money is to appraise conditions”…Jesse Lauriston Livermore

I regularly contribute to the publication “Stocks and Commodities” and some of my articles can be found here.


2 Responses to “What is in this blog?”

  1. Hi Danish, great article in S & C magazine about trading with support and resistance. I have been trading for 10 years and after all that time have come to realize over the past year or so that support and resistance is really all you need to trade. It’s amazing how complicated people can make trading with all these indicators and systems. Anyway you cut it, it’s all about support and resistance. Period. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that it’s just that simple. We want to make it hard. Do you have any other information you use to trade off of support and resistance in addition to this latest article. If so, I would really like to read it. Thanks for great work. George

    • Thanks George.

      Yes, you are absolutely right. It is all supports and resistances and people just waste years to learn about indicators and spend thousands of dollars in expensive software. I think they can get the job done in almost free.

      I actually use supports & resistances and trendlines. Did you get a chance to read my other article about trendlines?

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